This is Randy Aimone’s blog that spans business/entrepreneurship, politics, gaming and martial arts.

Randy Aimone often talks about Politics, Economics, Business, SEO, Marketing, Martial Arts, Religion, Cooking and gaming- And how, in his mind they all relate

Randy Aimone's Blogging Interests

At some level, they somewhat all inter-relate- as I possess, for better or worse, a curious, Multi-disciplinary brain.

How I take my:

Politics:  Liberal and somewhat libertarian; Pro-entrepreneurship and anti-corportation.  Yes, I have rather nuanced views.

Business: This is how I earn most of my money, in Marketing, business and sales coaching and consulting.  I write and ponder about entrepreneurship, growth hacking, SEO, and general business strategy.

Gaming:  Tabletop mostly, though I certainly play computer games still.  Modern Tabletop games specifically.

Martial Arts- Mostly Akido and JuJitsu, though I’m proficient in Boxing, Kickboxing and Krav Maga.  I’ve taken many types and styles, and while I’m not actually ‘good’ at them, I do enjoy and consider them.

Cooking:  Mostly Chinese and Indian, often Vegan, usually vegetarian.

Religion: Atheism.  So, more accurately- lack of.

Marketing:  At my core, I'm fascinated by marketing strategy.  

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