Market Research made cheap, easy and a bit cheaty

Market Research is generally one of the most cost-effective investments a business can make.  But ‘proper’ market research is expensive and time consuming and can easily be confusing.  Do you do statistical research?  Focus Groups?  Surveys?  Informal Interviews?    All are good and have their place, but all are also greatly limited.  So what’s an entrepreneur […]

good advertising works the first time

If you are a small business and properly using two-step advertising that is uniquely track-able, which, if you are reading this blog you should be, please never listen to the advertising salesperson’s line that 3, 7, 27 or 263 exposures are needed before someone will act on the advertisement.  If your first advertisement didn’t at […]

Why does so much marketing look the same?

1) Useful, functional creativity is hard work & a touch of luck. Marketing is increasingly becoming a science where there are legitimate right and wrong answers. And wrong answers cost lots of money. Standard approaches may be boring, but are much easier to pitch and win: 2) CMO’s of the “C” suite jobs tend to […]

Asking the wrong questions in customer surveys

I spent the last 15 minutes of my life answering questions about my “Communications provider.” And while it was good of them to ask questions and gather information, it quickly occurred to me that they kept asking the wrong questions, based upon poor assumptions. Observation 1: They wanted my opinion on various internet providers, yet […]