Thoughts on growing a BNI chapter via Social Media

This was a 10 minute presentation I had put on for my (former) BNI chapter on growing the chapter through Social Media. If you would like a walkthrough, please let me know, and I’ll be happy to adapt it to your group.   The Slideshare: Growing a BNI chapter via Social Media from Leading Results […]

Why I game: Guest link

Originally posted here: This was also a base inspiration for my Ignite Charlotte 7 Talk. Slides are posted to slideshare here:

The incredible Mantis Shrimp can detect Cancer?

No, really. Click here: Apparently, the eyes if a mantis shrimp can effectively “see” (details here) cancer, and engineers think they can miniaturize a lens to be able to use a smartphone to nearly effortlessly scan for Cancer.  It’s not a cure, though most cancer is very treatable and mostly curable if it’s caught […]

Jeter’s Legacy

Right there is why Jeter was one of baseball’s greatest players- he stood out as what the best professional sports players should aspire to be. He excelled, not because of freakish natural gifts (though, yes, he had those, but so does nearly every pro baseball player). Jeter excelled through hard work, and spending that extra […]

Comments on HBO offering stand alone subscriptions

As seen here : ( HBO is finally offering stand alone subscriptions. Because HBO is realizing that a significant key demographic of theirs is pirating Game of Thrones, John Oliver and Bill Maher because we (in theory) have no better choice? Cable is dead folks.  Kinda like Land Line telephone calls.  It’s time to move […]

Top 5 Reasons Why people unsubscribe.

Here is my take on the top 5 reasons why people unsubscribe from your E-mail:   5) I can’t read it. I love roller coasters, and my local coaster park, Carowinds, keeps sending me E-mails that look like this: It’s supposed to look like this:                 Here’s the […]

Tips for doing local SEO when you own a franchise

Doing Local SEO is vitally important for any and every localized business.  The last few years, as local SEO is looking more and more different than ‘global’ SEO, I’m watching more and more companies just not getting it done well or correctly, putting their local franchisees at a strategic disadvantage when it comes to local […]

What-if the What-If’s get me?

Earlier today I saw the story to the right in my Facebook feed. Hmm… perhaps we are getting a bit too paranoid as a society- just in case the what ifs get us. Because what if the… The thing is- we can what if paranoia forever. In general (I have friends in Newburgh, so… yea) […]