Randrew’s insight on Net Neutrality oversight

When the FCC declared Net Neutrality was going to be a thing, the internet, of course, went wild as it is the best/worst thing ever to happen, because the good/bad guys won clearly. Here’s my take: I’m glad the FCC bent to overwhelming popular support for net neutrality.  Regulations were created because the current situation […]


Startup Stash

Startup Stash is a website I just stumbled upon: Interesting idea that as far as I know, nobody implemented yet. I’d like some reviews, and frankly, this is still a great start of listing of resources- and I’m posting about it as much for a personal bookmark as anything else. http://startupstash.com/   Bonus points by […]

A Campaign Platform for 2016

Here’s my ideal party campaign platform for the 2016 elections: Most of these sit at the intersection liberal-libertarianism. I’ll write more on each of these as time, interests and insightful comments follow. In no particular order at this point, and please- if you are a national politician- steal these, run with them- and link to this site […]

Redrawing of State Lines:

We are often seeing many states have undue power given their population, AND, many states have sufficiently different political needs and priorities than their surrounding areas that it might well be time for re-drawing the state lines, nationwide. Texas, NY and California all have severe problems between the needs of their growing cities and their […]

Mary’s Bar- An excellent analogy for the 2008 financial collapse

I found this on a uber- annoying click-bait site, and wanted to share this story because it’s the best 3 minute explanation of the 2008 financial collapse I’ve read. If someone knows of the original author, I’m happy to link this directly. The Big Short is the best overall-  but takes much more than 3 […]