Why the US needs Free(er) Education

  I’ve known several people well from extremely poor backgrounds that were smart, ambitious and/or both. Free education becomes a realistic alternate path out. Right now, even state colleges are usually financially out of reach, emotionally if not purely financially for children growing up in welfare homes. Consider the insanity of taking 60k of student […]

The Infamous “Sell me a pen test”

One of my favorite interview questions is to ask any candidate (not just one in sales) to “take this pen-  I need this pen, though I don’t know it-  your job is to sell it to me.” Here are the things I look for when I’m considering the approach that the candidate takes: One of […]

A disappeared week.

Random observations from my week of being extremely sick, emergency surgeried (Gall Bladder infection and removal) and starting to recover. 1) A potentially horrible second week of a new business: Many of you know I (re-)started my personal business again two weeks ago at www.AimOneMarketing.com. A game plan where you are the only player always […]