Douglas Adams on the Meaning of Life

I’m a huge fan of the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy series of books.  One of the main  storylines in the story is how Earth was created to be a supercomputer to solve the meaning of life. And the answer it came up with, after it was all said and done was the favorite geek […]

The case for Corruption.

Let’s be straight-  I’m not endorsing corruption or crime here. I’m sharing an interesting take I heard from a tour guide of the Hoover Dam who lived in Vegas for 20 years, and watched first hand the transition from Vegas being a Mob-run town to a Corporate run town. In the Mob run Vegas: The […]

The Trump Theocrazy

We did it. I’d like to coin a term that might just best sum up the entire Trump administration. The Theocrazy. Mostly lies.  Heavy discrimination.  Protection from facts.  Much legislation and executive orders to make the evangelist religious happy. I’m not going to pile on-  Not because I don’t have anything more to say, just […]

Random Medieval History facts.

Interesting to note, and posted here mostly to keep it for reference next time an argument happens in D&D. Or Civilization.  

Civ 6- Open Letter to Firaxis

I love Civ 6- The graphics are rich, detailed and communicative. The Districts make city planning and expansion far more interesting. The removal of most of the ‘wide’ play style penalties being removed was welcome for budding empire builders. Sadly, I’m already done basically playing Civ 6 in favor of Fall from Heaven 2 mod […]

Playing Fallout 4 without a graphics card

This isn’t a technology blog, though it IS a bit of a gamer blog, so, there. Fallout 4 IS indeed playable without a dedicated graphics card if your computer (like mine) has a intel I-7 “Haswell” card.  Specifically, I have a late 2014 13′ Macbook pro running Boot Camp.  (Windows for games, Mac for work […]

The de-construction of Thunder Road 4

Thunder Road Memorial Page

One of my favorite coasters at Carowinds *was* Thunder Road.  Yes, it was too bumpy, particularly during the last 1/3 of the ride.  It was still a great example of a classic wooden coaster: Here’s a Ride Cam:   I was fortunate enough to be driving by during the demolishing of Thunder Road, and wanted […]

The value of government.

One thing I’ll note about libertarianism:  in particular extreme libertarianism.  Many military service people, as well as peace corps- really, anyone who has spent time in heavily underdeveloped nations and areas understands the overall value of government. They may want ‘less’ of it. They often want it to be more transparent (and, ergo, less corrupt). […]

Why the US needs Free(er) Education

  I’ve known several people well from extremely poor backgrounds that were smart, ambitious and/or both. Free education becomes a realistic alternate path out. Right now, even state colleges are usually financially out of reach, emotionally if not purely financially for children growing up in welfare homes. Consider the insanity of taking 60k of student […]