Civ 6- Open Letter to Firaxis

I love Civ 6-
The graphics are rich, detailed and communicative.
The Districts make city planning and expansion far more interesting.
The removal of most of the ‘wide’ play style penalties being removed was welcome for budding empire builders.

Sadly, I’m already done basically playing Civ 6 in favor of Fall from Heaven 2 mod for Civ 4.
Here are the fixes I’m looking for in Civ 6, in no particular order:

First and foremost.  The AI is too much of a simpleton to play Civ.  And it clearly plays Civ badly.  Does a terrible job of city planning.  And does every single unit really have to move every single turn?  This suggests an utter lack of strategy, so much so that even large production boosts aren’t enough to make the civs keep up.

What is the effect of this?  Well, being that most Civs play badly, the internal game balance that is almost laughably broken between Civs was never correctly spotted.  Scythia?  The damm war carts?  Both of those early rush civs make most other play styles hard.  AND… It would be balanced if they tended to die out due to penalties in the mid-late game.  They do not.  Why is this an AI problem?  Because Internal testing should have found these civ balance problems, and it, glaringly so, did not.

Firaxis- Your top priority is to make the AI good enough to play each civ intelligently.  And you made a very interesting and complex toy that is too long to often play multi-player, and too easy to play single player.
Here is one solution I’d like you to consider   Set up online neural networks of learning and competing AIs.  This allows you to get rid of the processing limitations.  A learning AI would slowly get better at the game, and seek to win and maximize it’s ‘score’.  And each AI would learn it’s civ’s quirks inherently and give each civ much more personality accordingly.
A good AI means that most civs will trade 1:1 luxury resources with a friendly civ.  Because that’s usually a good idea.
A good AI would have district placements that make sense for either a short game (maximized placement) or a long game (major districts being within 6 hexes from a neighboring city.)
A good AI would have helped during internal testing that America and France are rather terrible Civs, and should only exist as Street Fighter’s Dan– as either (and both) a joke Civ and a challenge.

Ok.  Once you fix the AI’s-  Again, look for distributed computing to help there-
Civ balance:
Right now, I’m gonna say that Rome and the Congo are the ‘best’ civs to model.
Wait- what?

Yes, Rome and the Congo each have quirks that make them interesting to play, that change the play style of the civ.  The Congo’s early neighborhoods and love/use of trees makes playing them very different than the environmental devastation endemic to most other civs.
Rome’s city placement changes as they care far less about being on a river or coast.  Which opens many strategic planning considerations.
Neither is over-powered, and they are both interesting civs to play.
Similarities:  Their special unit is well balanced-  powerful, though not unbalancing.  Kongo’s unit might need to be a touch more powerful;  or better yet, let them have a special encampment building that gives all units trained in that city the forest abilities.

So let’s hypothetically rebuild America: 
America’s greatest strength is the trading economy, with a very strong cultural game.
Every civ seems to need a special district to give it personality.  Therefore, I’d propose the Americans get “College” to replace campus-   With mutual proximity bonuses to harbors, commercial hubs.
And a special building that generates bonus trade routes, and that trade routes originating from and to the city generate additional knowledge.

Let’s also give the American’s a ‘pioneer’ unit that is a medieval era scout upgrade.  Can build a ‘homestead’- a one tile micro-city that harvests one adjacent resource.  Can be eliminated without an act of war.

That should give America a strong economic and education boost, and an interesting exploration bent in the mid game.

Next topic:  Religion-
Religion just seems too weak to invest in the resources unless you are going for a religious victory.
The bonuses should be higher.
And what’s with the religious great people not being generated?  Great Prophets (or re-name them great… well something else)  that grant free civics boosts, Grant (and or strip) city states of envoys, drop culture bombs (moving borders) would all be interesting prophet mechanics.  Historically, ones that grant you a settler and melee unit would be funny as well.

Civ Mico-management:  Not fun.  

Bring back ques.  And/Or… Colonies.  Colonies would be self-governing “City-states” that you found that give you gold/culture/science.  AND keep barbarians from spawning.  The down side to a colony is that they can go independent (should be a mechanic where if they outproduce most of your cities, they rebel and go full city state on you.  If not- they build their buildings and ‘hold’ territory.

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