Douglas Adams on the Meaning of Life

I’m a huge fan of the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy series of books.  One of the main  storylines in the story is how Earth was created to be a supercomputer to solve the meaning of life.

And the answer it came up with, after it was all said and done was the favorite geek number 42.

Sadly, Douglas Adams died and can not confirm this theory- but here it goes:
Deep Thought/Earth gave the answer 42.

Douglas was a computer nerd and knew a fair amount about coding.

In programming, an asterisk commonly used as wild-card, “everything” or “anything”.

In ASCII, 42 is the designation for an asterisk.

So what’s the meaning of life?

Everything, anything and whatever you wish it to be. 

*This was inspired by a facebook meme.  Not taking original credit for the idea.

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