The case for Corruption.

Let’s be straight-  I’m not endorsing corruption or crime here. I’m sharing an interesting take I heard from a tour guide of the Hoover Dam who lived in Vegas for 20 years, and watched first hand the transition from Vegas being a Mob-run town to a Corporate run town. In the Mob run Vegas: The […]

Why the US needs Free(er) Education

  I’ve known several people well from extremely poor backgrounds that were smart, ambitious and/or both. Free education becomes a realistic alternate path out. Right now, even state colleges are usually financially out of reach, emotionally if not purely financially for children growing up in welfare homes. Consider the insanity of taking 60k of student […]

Too Big To Fail is too big

I’ve observed that there is a split between policy that’s good for capitalism.  Does it mean good for Fortune 5000 companies or what’s good for “Main Street?”   As it stands right now, a policy that favors the Fortune 5000- and moreso the Fortune 500, that it’s good for Capitalism. I’m not so sure that’s true. Capitalism is strongest […]

Randrew’s insight on Net Neutrality oversight

When the FCC declared Net Neutrality was going to be a thing, the internet, of course, went wild as it is the best/worst thing ever to happen, because the good/bad guys won clearly. Here’s my take: I’m glad the FCC bent to overwhelming popular support for net neutrality.  Regulations were created because the current situation […]

A Campaign Platform for 2016

Here’s my ideal party campaign platform for the 2016 elections: Most of these sit at the intersection liberal-libertarianism. I’ll write more on each of these as time, interests and insightful comments follow. In no particular order at this point, and please- if you are a national politician- steal these, run with them- and link to this site […]

Redrawing of State Lines:

We are often seeing many states have undue power given their population, AND, many states have sufficiently different political needs and priorities than their surrounding areas that it might well be time for re-drawing the state lines, nationwide. Texas, NY and California all have severe problems between the needs of their growing cities and their […]

Mary’s Bar- An excellent analogy for the 2008 financial collapse

I found this on a uber- annoying click-bait site, and wanted to share this story because it’s the best 3 minute explanation of the 2008 financial collapse I’ve read. If someone knows of the original author, I’m happy to link this directly. The Big Short is the best overall-  but takes much more than 3 […]

Sales Forecasting and the “Internet in China” problem

Sales forecasting has to incorporate many factors, and let’s start with the problem that we will call “internet in China” Never forecast goals more than your ability to service. The “Selling internet in China” problem was coined as, for most purposes, China had (circa 2005) a realistically unlimited and untapped market for many goods and services. […]

Comments on HBO offering stand alone subscriptions

As seen here : ( HBO is finally offering stand alone subscriptions. Because HBO is realizing that a significant key demographic of theirs is pirating Game of Thrones, John Oliver and Bill Maher because we (in theory) have no better choice? Cable is dead folks.  Kinda like Land Line telephone calls.  It’s time to move […]

When Communism Works

Maybe- Here’s my observations about when communism works- and it’s dangerous to ignore that Communism does have up-sides. It does. There is also a very good argument that it’s rarely been tried for long at the nation-state actor level (Russia, China, et all were more dictatorships than communist organizations- For starters, a pure communist organization […]