Civ 6- Open Letter to Firaxis

I love Civ 6- The graphics are rich, detailed and communicative. The Districts make city planning and expansion far more interesting. The removal of most of the ‘wide’ play style penalties being removed was welcome for budding empire builders. Sadly, I’m already done basically playing Civ 6 in favor of Fall from Heaven 2 mod […]

Playing Fallout 4 without a graphics card

This isn’t a technology blog, though it IS a bit of a gamer blog, so, there. Fallout 4 IS indeed playable without a dedicated graphics card if your computer (like mine) has a intel I-7 “Haswell” card. ¬†Specifically, I have a late 2014 13′ Macbook pro running Boot Camp. ¬†(Windows for games, Mac for work […]

Why I game- Catan Edition, Ignite Charlotte 7

I was fortunate to be selected as a speaker at Ignite Charlotte 7, and as a long time tabletop gamer I chose to do my 5 minutes of enlightenment on the intersection of negotiation strategy¬† and gaming- in this case- Settlers of Catan. Link to the presentation is here: Randy Aimone – Why I Game, […]

Why I game: Guest link

Originally posted here: This was also a base inspiration for my Ignite Charlotte 7 Talk. Slides are posted to slideshare here: