Randy Aimone Consulting

I can be hired for short term assignments Consulting as an acting VP Marketing /Business Development, though my ‘normal’ work comes from mentoring and educating on sales, marketing business development and management techniques, often to younger employees, or employees transitioning into those roles.

What my mentoring often looks like:

Every single situation, budget, goals, aptitude is different.
And I tailor every package to the exact situation.

Generally, I meet with the top management of the organization for 2-3 days of strategic planning.  During this time, we:

  • Draft the marketing calendar
  • Organize and prioritize goals
  • Determine the marketing Budget
  • Identify usable and reusable company marketing and sales resources
  • Set the Overall marketing strategy for the next 9-18 months (depending mostly on the organization’s sales cycles)

From there, I either work as a virtual VP of business development, and manage the sales and marketing department on a weekly basis, or as a business development mentor, where I work with the marketing/sales departments, and help them through situations that they are currently having, and giving them the benefits of an ‘in-house’ mentor where there otherwise wouldn’t exist.

Packages start at $500 a month, and are generally set to quarterly renewing contracts that can be modified easily as the situation calls for it.

I also do hourly consulting via Clarity.fm, and I can be found there here:

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