Salesforce Conversion Channels

I stumbled on this link on conversion channels by Salesforce.  Lots of interesting insight here- The things that stood out to me were: 1)  Business is best still done person to person:  see social media and direct referrals as being 2 of the top 3 performers.  People always do business with people, not companies, not ideas. […]

Sales Forecasting and the “Internet in China” problem

Sales forecasting has to incorporate many factors, and let’s start with the problem that we will call “internet in China” Never forecast goals more than your ability to service. The “Selling internet in China” problem was coined as, for most purposes, China had (circa 2005) a realistically unlimited and untapped market for many goods and services. […]

I don’t need to have buyer personas for my website.

I’ve heard this before: I need to reach too many different types of people for buyer personas to work and..        Let’s fix my buyer personas after I get this (fill in the blank) marketing activity done.   Worthwhile marketing when the message has a clearly identified target. Note that anyone and everyone […]

Why do you need to buyer personas for search engine optimization?

Question: What happens when someone comes to your website and they don’t see what they’re looking for? Answer: They leave your website. And that means Google thinks far less about your website, and shows it to increasingly fewer people.   How do you know if you are delivering the information they are looking for?   […]

Market Research made cheap, easy and a bit cheaty

Market Research is generally one of the most cost-effective investments a business can make.  But ‘proper’ market research is expensive and time consuming and can easily be confusing.  Do you do statistical research?  Focus Groups?  Surveys?  Informal Interviews?    All are good and have their place, but all are also greatly limited.  So what’s an entrepreneur […]

Why does so much marketing look the same?

1) Useful, functional creativity is hard work & a touch of luck. Marketing is increasingly becoming a science where there are legitimate right and wrong answers. And wrong answers cost lots of money. Standard approaches may be boring, but are much easier to pitch and win: 2) CMO’s of the “C” suite jobs tend to […]

Let your brand Live!!

If you read David Meerman Scott’s Blog entry HERE about 5 ways GM should re-invent themselves, he says an awful lot about why GM is dying fast.  This is a follow up to that blog post. Here is my personal, 6th rant on GM-> Let your brands live! Lets start out with a quick question about what […]