Playing Fallout 4 without a graphics card

This isn’t a technology blog, though it IS a bit of a gamer blog, so, there.

Fallout 4 IS indeed playable without a dedicated graphics card if your computer (like mine) has a intel I-7 “Haswell” card.  Specifically, I have a late 2014 13′ Macbook pro running Boot Camp.  (Windows for games, Mac for work is the general breakdown.)

It didn’t work at first- I apparently needed the Intel graphics drivers released (August?) 2015.

I found them via:

I’m posting this about 8 hours of gameplay- full screen, ‘low’ settings and perfectly playable and no crashes.

It’s a great exploration game, though the town building on a PC is REALLY clunky.  Seriously, someone needs to mod that so the Post-Apocolapse ‘Sims’ is easier and much much faster.  It’s cool that it’s in the game, though definitely works much better for a console control scheme.  (I my wife has it for the Xbox One, and I’ve logged about 6 hours on the console before I figured out my drivers needed an update).

Of course, this will be sending my productivity plummeting the next couple of weeks :/.  Though that’s a different problem all together.

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  1. I’m running the same machine as you and it never loads. Black screen at whatever resolution and then it crashes. Updated the drivers and no change. If you don’t mind, what’s your fallout.ini files look like?

    • I’m running on a Boot Camped MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014; 8 GB Ram) with an Intel Iris Card on Windows 7- When I “upgraded” Win 10, Fallout no longer ran.

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