Civ 6- Open Letter to Firaxis

I love Civ 6- The graphics are rich, detailed and communicative. The Districts make city planning and expansion far more interesting. The removal of most of the ‘wide’ play style penalties being removed was welcome for budding empire builders. Sadly, I’m already done basically playing Civ 6 in favor of Fall from Heaven 2 mod […]

Why the US needs Free(er) Education

  I’ve known several people well from extremely poor backgrounds that were smart, ambitious and/or both. Free education becomes a realistic alternate path out. Right now, even state colleges are usually financially out of reach, emotionally if not purely financially for children growing up in welfare homes. Consider the insanity of taking 60k of student […]

It’s time for take 2 of the Affordable Care Act

It’s time for take 2 of the Affordable Care Act Insurance Companies have generally made a mockery of the ACA, which they helped write, with skyrocketing costs and dubious, confusing packages, sold by insurance vendors with no clue how to advise people on how to select the best plan for them. If you haven’t seen […]