A disappeared week.

Random observations from my week of being extremely sick, emergency surgeried (Gall Bladder infection and removal) and starting to recover. 1) A potentially horrible second week of a new business: Many of you know I (re-)started my personal business again two weeks ago at www.AimOneMarketing.com. A game plan where you are the only player always […]

I don’t need to have buyer personas for my website.

I’ve heard this before: I need to reach too many different types of people for buyer personas to work and..        Let’s fix my buyer personas after I get this (fill in the blank) marketing activity done.   Worthwhile marketing when the message has a clearly identified target. Note that anyone and everyone […]

Why do you need to buyer personas for search engine optimization?

Question: What happens when someone comes to your website and they don’t see what they’re looking for? Answer: They leave your website. And that means Google thinks far less about your website, and shows it to increasingly fewer people.   How do you know if you are delivering the information they are looking for?   […]