Randrew’s insight on Net Neutrality oversight

When the FCC declared Net Neutrality was going to be a thing, the internet, of course, went wild as it is the best/worst thing ever to happen, because the good/bad guys won clearly. Here’s my take: I’m glad the FCC bent to overwhelming popular support for net neutrality.  Regulations were created because the current situation […]

The incredible Mantis Shrimp can detect Cancer?

No, really. Click here:  http://www.iflscience.com/technology/scientists-develop-mantis-shrimp-inspired-sensors-can-detect-cancer Apparently, the eyes if a mantis shrimp can effectively “see” (details here) cancer, and engineers think they can miniaturize a lens to be able to use a smartphone to nearly effortlessly scan for Cancer.  It’s not a cure, though most cancer is very treatable and mostly curable if it’s caught […]