The case for Corruption.

Let’s be straight-  I’m not endorsing corruption or crime here. I’m sharing an interesting take I heard from a tour guide of the Hoover Dam who lived in Vegas for 20 years, and watched first hand the transition from Vegas being a Mob-run town to a Corporate run town. In the Mob run Vegas: The […]

Sales Forecasting and the “Internet in China” problem

Sales forecasting has to incorporate many factors, and let’s start with the problem that we will call “internet in China” Never forecast goals more than your ability to service. The “Selling internet in China” problem was coined as, for most purposes, China had (circa 2005) a realistically unlimited and untapped market for many goods and services. […]

Why do you need to buyer personas for search engine optimization?

Question: What happens when someone comes to your website and they don’t see what they’re looking for? Answer: They leave your website. And that means Google thinks far less about your website, and shows it to increasingly fewer people.   How do you know if you are delivering the information they are looking for?   […]

Why I game- Catan Edition, Ignite Charlotte 7

I was fortunate to be selected as a speaker at Ignite Charlotte 7, and as a long time tabletop gamer I chose to do my 5 minutes of enlightenment on the intersection of negotiation strategy  and gaming- in this case- Settlers of Catan. Link to the presentation is here: Randy Aimone – Why I Game, […]

Why I game: Guest link

Originally posted here: This was also a base inspiration for my Ignite Charlotte 7 Talk. Slides are posted to slideshare here: