The Trump Theocrazy

We did it. I’d like to coin a term that might just best sum up the entire Trump administration. The Theocrazy. Mostly lies.  Heavy discrimination.  Protection from facts.  Much legislation and executive orders to make the evangelist religious happy. I’m not going to pile on-  Not because I don’t have anything more to say, just […]

Random Medieval History facts.

Interesting to note, and posted here mostly to keep it for reference next time an argument happens in D&D. Or Civilization.  

Jeter’s Legacy

Right there is why Jeter was one of baseball’s greatest players- he stood out as what the best professional sports players should aspire to be. He excelled, not because of freakish natural gifts (though, yes, he had those, but so does nearly every pro baseball player). Jeter excelled through hard work, and spending that extra […]

Asking the wrong questions in customer surveys

I spent the last 15 minutes of my life answering questions about my “Communications provider.” And while it was good of them to ask questions and gather information, it quickly occurred to me that they kept asking the wrong questions, based upon poor assumptions. Observation 1: They wanted my opinion on various internet providers, yet […]